Three Ways to Remember Christmas

Christmas Memories

Our tree is still up on this 11th Day of Christmas but the to-do’s of my normal daily round are demanding attention.  You too?

Before the memories of Christmas 2015 blend into the memory file of all the Christmas’s of your life, here are three ways to capture the essence of each year. Just try one to start with and add-on in future years.

1)     The Christmas Photo Album. Believe me, I have thousands of photos!  Many of them un-catalogued at this time but I’m always working on that little project.  About 15 years ago I had one of those random shower-thoughts to start an album of Christmas photos only.  To keep it really simple, keep just one page per year AND use a smaller album.  About 4-6 cropped photos fit on each page.  Over time I culled my shoe boxes full of photos until I had a sampling from each year and filled the book.  Easy!

Christmas Photo Album

2)     The Christmas Journal. If you have been reading my blogs or listen to me speak, you know about the daily journals I keep.  This one, like the Thanksgiving Journal , only holds the month of December highlights each year starting in 1980. The first one is falling apart and I just bought a third one for December 2015.  I put a bit of memorabilia in too from special events but mostly written memories of the gifts and activities.

Christmas Journals

3)     The Letter File.  We are one of those “Christmas Letter” families since 1985. Each year I stuffed a sample into a file and moved on until I stopped to read them all one day.  Lots of memories in our annual “snapshot” of family life.  An excursion to the local office store yielded a red binder and slip in report covers to keep track of them all for reminiscing each year.

Christmas letters

Happy New Year!

Hope for the Best,


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2 Responses to “Three Ways to Remember Christmas”

  1. 1 Mary Nelson January 4, 2014 at 8:07 AM

    Thanks, another good idea!

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