Five Favorite Books from 2013

Reading a book“I am a part of all I have read” says John Kieran and I transpose that to “All that I have read is a part of me.”

I have this odd quirk (OK, not just one!) of not buying a fiction book until I have read it.  Crazy right?  I need to feel that the story has more than entertained me but shaped me in some way before it gets to take up space on my shelf. If I love it, I’ll shop the pre-owned aisle of Amazon, the rest of them go back to the library.

Non-fiction is more reliable based on my history with the author.  I often buy first, read then pass on.  I don’t tend to re-read non-fiction, except Madeline L’Engle,  but do hang on to the truly transforming books that come my way.

I grabbed the list from my journal to file away but before I do, here are my five favorites from 2013.

  1. Bread and Wine, Shauna Niequist.  I loved this book!  It came as a gift from a dear friend and I fell in love with it immediately.  The subtitle is “A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes” and it re-awakened my creativity in the kitchen which had been dormant for a long time.  I finished it last May and can’t bear to even put it away so if you step into my living room, there it is.
  1. Come to the Table, Neta Jackson.  This book came as a gift from the author.  Set in Chicago, the story entertained,  inspired and challenged me throughout.  After reading the book last spring , I started volunteering at our church’s food pantry.  Thanks, Neta!
  1. The Intimate Merton: His Life from His Journals by Thomas Merton.  Another gift from a friend for my birthday.  I set it aside it till last Lent and immersed myself in it for the 40 days.  Captivating!  So sorry to finally finish it the day before Easter and still thinking about it.
  1. Beautiful Day, Elen Hilderbrand.   Library copy.  If I see it at a garage sale I will definitely grab it up. Ocean, romance, family stuff, the perfect vacation novel which was my setting for reading it.
  1. What Alice Forgot, Liane Moriarty. Came highly recommended from a friend so I started with a library copy and now have my own.  What Alice forgot was the last 10 years of her life due to amnesia from a fall.  A romantic comedy with powerful take-aways. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t have to as I read it on a long train ride.

Many more honorable mentions from the list: Gretchen Rubin, more Neta Jackson, Any Timberlake, Anne Lamott, Lynn Austin, and of course Madeline. Message me if you would like more titles. Meanwhile, my 2014 pile is growing and I can tell my literary year will be quite sumptuous!

Hope for the Best,


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