Six Steps to a New You

stars-1064313-mCan’t you just see that on a magazine cover?  Actually you probably have!  Magazines sell hope and personal transformation is always in style.

Here are the six steps I will be presenting to a group of women on Tuesday night ….unless I get snowed-out again like last month.

Sit in on this Cliff Notes version as I get ready to speak….

1.  Take the “before” shot.  All improvement projects whether bodies or kitchens start with the “before” picture.  We all say “fine’ when someone asks us how we are but where are you at, really? Most of us feel stuck somewhere.  Spiritually, a lot of us are bone dry weary over worries about money, family relationships, health issues, job concerns, etc.  Every journey starts with knowing the “current location.”

2.  Clean out the closets. Fashion rules say for every new thing you bring in, something old needs to get discarded. What are you ready to get rid of to make room for the NEW?  Are you holding on to stuff that gets in the way of moving forward? Of course you are, me too!  Pretend you’ve got a mental dumpster, what would you like to throw in it?

3.  Go shopping.  Start brainstorming about how your life could be different.  What if….?  What are some hidden dreams?  Say them out loud.  What if you just started saying YES?

4.  Try everything on.  Just because something looks good on the rack doesn’t mean it will look good on you but you won’t know unless you give it a chance. You don’t have to give up dairy for the rest of your life, how about until Monday? You could try a workshop instead of signing up for a class. YouVersion Bible app offers short studies of 3-5 days to try out that style of reading before committing to a long plan.

5.  Pay with cash.  Renewal is not free.  Yes God does give to us freely but it will cost us something to take it.  Like time.  Getting up early to connect with God is going to cost sleep.  Spending an evening at a small group will cost you your TV or Facebook time. Financial advisors encourage us to buy with cash so we feel it more and spend wisely.  It probably won’t work to add a few new spiritual practices and assume nothing will change in our lifestyle.  Are you willing to pay for renewal with time?

6.  Take the “after” shot: Enjoy the new look.  Ever just get your hair cut and hope you run into someone?  Renewal feels like that on the inside.  Fresh, clear, full of excitement and hope. Revel in it and spread the word.  When we find a new restaurant, we tell our friends.  Be so bold about sharing what is working to bring you to a new open place.

Hope for the best,


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2 Responses to “Six Steps to a New You”

  1. 1 Mary Nelson February 4, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    This is fabulous, Tish, Love it.

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