When Good Self-Care is NOT More Chocolate

No Chocolate Years ago I followed an author who brought self-care to a whole new level.  I loved setting up my “comfort stash” with fine chocolate, specialty cookies, exotic jams and a global selection of tea even though I generally prefer the black variety.  Somehow, the message delivered was that good self-care was all about the right treats.

After a two month-long “festival of treats” from Thanksgiving to my husband’s birthday, my self no longer feels cared for by one more piece of dark chocolate. It’s time to indulge in the other side of self-care: Just Say No.

I decided to experiment with a season of no treats. Gulp.  I first tried the option of “just a few” but I’m not very good at defining “few.”   I expected to feel deprived, famished, crabby and looking for a window to cheat at every opportunity.  I don’t feel any of those things.

What I do feel is clarity, focus, and more energy that I have felt in ages.  Don’t worry, I’m not planning to become a Food Evangelist Food Evangelist post.  I don’t have any plans to avoid treats the rest of my life or even the rest of this month as Valentine’s Day is coming 😉

I am, however, revising my Self-Care talk to include the notion that sometimes the best self-care is self-control, that Fruit of the Spirit, (Galatians 5:23) that no one seems too fond of.

Feasting and fasting…I hope to find my own yin and yang on this but it might take a few more go ‘rounds!

Your thoughts?

Hope for the best,


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