Memories of a “Paul Girl”

girl-with-guitar-1399297-mDid you watch the Beatles special last night?  What a rush of memories, here are a few…

  • All of us in my girl-crowd claimed one of them for our own higher allegiance  and affection.  Kathy chose George, Cherie took John because he was still available and we kept Ringo in reserve for the next girl to join our little fan club.  I was a Paul girl because I got to choose first since I started the club.
  • My accountant Dad, who as far as I thought was not even aware of the Beatles phenomenon, brought me home a 45 of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in a spontaneous gesture of trying to connect with his only daughter. To this day I still hold that memory as one of the sweetest things he ever did.
  • One large poster of the Fab Four hung on my wall for years until I moved on from their era into one of my own.  I later put it on a garage sale for $1 and my brothers was so horrified I would part with it that my mom ran an ad in the local paper asking whoever bought it to bring it back.  Someone did and got their $1 refunded. My cousin reminded me of that poster yesterday.
  • I did scream during the Ed Sullivan show the whole time they were on stage. I’m not sure why.  My mom told me last night how they went outside because I was too loud. I don’t know why she didn’t just tell me to stop!
  • My parents bought me a used guitar (at my insistence) so I could maybe be a star too.  I couldn’t.
  • I remember the day in college the White Album came out.  My friends were awestruck; I was a Simon and Garfunkel devotee by then.

Your memories?

Hope for the Best,



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