The Red Dinner and Family Valentine’s Night

Family ValentineValentine’s Day comes along just at the point when you think you cannot stand the grey winter and indoor squabbling another day so bring out the RED and share the love!

Want to celebrate the special day with your family?

  • Choose a night on or close to Valentine’s Day and spread the word ahead of time to come to dinner wearing RED.  (This only works up to a certain point with your kids but the little ones love it!)
  • Make ONLY red and white foods for dinner: Spaghetti & pasta is perfect, red Jell-O, red beets, bruschetta, strawberries, cherries and even pizza.  For more ideas try
  • Prepare or buy a special dessert that does not usually show up in your home.  Save it for after the project!
  • After dinner, spread the table with Valentine making supplies such as paper doilies, red and pink construction paper, stickers, cut-outs, scissors and glue sticks.  I am not craftsy so I kept it simple.
  • Instruct the kids to make a special valentine for everyone else at the table. The more elaborate the better.
  • This is the best part! When all the Valentine’s are finished, going around the table, each person takes a turn “receiving” their Valentine’s along with a few words from each family member on why they love them.  Brothers and sisters who an hour ago had to be pulled apart are now professing their affection and admiration for each other.  Wish I recorded all those.
  • Finish the party by enjoying the special dessert 🙂

PS: If you have teens or older kids not “into” making Valentine’s anymore, still do the dinner or some fun equivalent and gift them with small tokens of love. it can be rough out there so good to know you’re loved at home.

Hope for the Best,


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