Delayed Dreams

Evanston Vineyard Clothes Closet

Evanston Vineyard “Clothes Closet”

We were about ready to wrap up as the last of the patrons wandered in to the food and clothing pantry.  On these bone chilling nights the crowd is definitely down.  He strode over to our book area to browse the remaining selections.  Sometimes the table overflows with titles much like a display at Barnes & Noble, without the pristine covers, of course.  Tonight there was a couple of copies of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” a devotional from a preacher I was unfamiliar with, an assortment of kid’s well-worn books and a tattered novel that he had already read.  Hardly worth the trip.

He was a writer he told me and had his own book inside his head.  I could so relate as I have several occupying my brain space too.  His eyes lit up as we began to speak as colleagues instead of volunteer/patron and engaged in conversation about words, publishing and following dreams.  “Sometimes you need more than dreams to survive though” he mused as he walked out empty-handed.

I don’t know any more of his story or much of any of the other patrons who walk through our doors on Wednesday evenings looking for a bag of food, or a warmer coat or a book to pass the time. I regretted my resistance to even go volunteer last night as it was so cold and I had some PBS episodes to catch up on.  Thankful that God can use our reluctant service.

As I drove home in my warm car to my warm house I passed by the bus stop where a lot of our patrons were waiting in the icy wind surrounded by their bags.  I’m glad our church is part of providing “survival” but hope that at least some of the dreams can stay intact too.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Delayed Dreams”

  1. 1 Susan R Lawrence February 27, 2014 at 4:39 PM

    What a lovely touching story!

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