Don’t Forget to Write…


Like many of you, I cheered when “12 years a Slave” won the Best Picture of the year Oscar.   Of all the nominees, it seemed to stand apart.  What seemed so significant to me in this achievement is the source of the adapted screenplay, Solomon Northup’s own autobiography of those twelve years published in 1853.

When he was recording his experience, I’m sure he never dreamed 161 years later the whole world would be riveted by the story of the excruciating 12 years he endured. And we wouldn’t have known anything about this story had it not been written. What is not recorded somewhere is not easily remembered.

Story survives when all the characters are long gone.  Think about Anne Frank, Mary Chesnut, Lewis and Clark, Moses, as well as your own family’s archive of written remembrances. Someone has the task of writing each story so that it will carry on to future generations.

So I urge you today, fellow travelers, write something that can outlast you. Maybe only one of your handwritten letters will survive you but one is enough.  Don’t burn all your journals. Write a recipe in your own hand…the only record of my maternal grandmother’s handwriting is some recipes she left behind. Pen a love note like I wrote about in a previous post:, write notes in your Bible.

Most of our words won’t end up in blockbuster movies or books but they will be very dear to someone.  Take your turn to impart, it is all of our responsibility.

Write something, write often, write NOW.

Hope for the Best,


PS WordPress wished me a Happy Anniversary today.  2 years of blogging!  Thanks for all the support.


2 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Write…”

  1. 1 Carol Early Cooney March 3, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Happy Anniversary! I think your point is well taken. One of the (odd but) most important things I have from my Mom is a silly card she sent me.
    It isn’t the big stuff – it is the card.

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