Still Waiting for the Right Time?

samaritan-1178513-mSeven years ago this week I started a job I waited 30 years for, Hospital Chaplain.   Perhaps I am just a late bloomer but some dreams are worth waiting for.

Sometime in the mid ‘70’s I met a hospital chaplain.  Curious about his role, I asked him how he spent the day…“Oh you visit  patients and talk with them, sometimes pray or sit with them and their families, listen…stuff like that.”  My response was quick…”You get paid to do that??” When he assented, I knew this was a job for me.   I wasn’t sure when it would fit in, however, life was a little busy with planting a church, my husband finishing school and the job I already had.  Hold that thought…

A few times during the next 30 years I would raise my head out of the current circumstances…four children arrived, stayed a long while then left, both our fathers died, the church grew, other paths beckoned….to see if it was time yet and the answer was always “No.”

Then one Spring I sensed “Now” so in somewhat of a leap of faith, I began the long application process to officially do what I was doing all along anyway, just not in a hospital.  Connect with people in usually a one-time encounter to listen, sit, pray.  A lot can happen in that moment.

After my initial interview, I consoled myself with the thought that at least I wouldn’t have regrets about NOT applying.  To my amazement, my invitation to join the training program arrived on my birthday, 30 years after deciding “someday” I would do this.

It’s not my full-time gig as there are other things I love to do also like life-coaching, writing and speaking but each time I put my badge on and slip my chaplain stole around my neck, I am grateful all over again for the chance to do this.  Maybe I wouldn’t have been ready any sooner.

What dreams have you been holding on to for a long time?  Listen up, it might be time.

Hope for the Best,



4 Responses to “Still Waiting for the Right Time?”

  1. 1 Judy March 20, 2014 at 10:45 PM

    Thanks Tish for this timely reminder!

  2. 3 Linda Sylvester March 23, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    Your post was very encouraging, Letitia! Thank you for your gift.

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