Polish and Purge Cleaning Strategy

miniature-desk-drawer-1292167-mDue to some recent household reorganization, my basement looks like a rummage sale waiting to happen. Tempting as it is to start digging out, I decided to clean out a small desk drawer first. Somehow immediate gratification in the “order” department helps me move on to something bigger. In fact, it is so satisfying to open that desk drawer now, I think I will prime the pump a little more by cleaning out another desk drawer before heading downstairs.

Perhaps you are thinking about household order too in the theme of “spring cleaning?” That is if Spring ever comes! Real Simple magazine devotes it’s April issue to cleaning topics so it many minds think alike these days. I decided to put together my personal Polish & Purge Strategy… in case I might need it sometime

  1. Start small for immediate gratification: desk drawer before closet.
  2. Music is essential, preferably 60’s tunes
  3. Take everything out of the room, drawer, etc. first.
  4. Clean the closet, drawer, area, before putting anything back in.
  5. If possible, insert some bright color somewhere.
  6. Slowly add back stuff you love/need, toss/donate the rest.
  7. Savor the order while enjoying a cup of tea as a reward.
  8. Add a little something new to the area. A new picture frame for my desk is so satisfying.
  9. Decide your next project and write it on the calendar.
  10. Repeat often.

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Hope for the Best,



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