Jesus-Film Buff

Son of GodJesus movies always get me. I grew up on Cecil B. de Mille  classics but saw my first Jesus movie in 1965, “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” I think it was a flop at the box office but very impactful for me. While all my girlfriends were eager to get back to the lobby to check out the social scene, I sat weeping in my seat riveted by what I had just seen. The visuals brought the story to life in a way and touched me in a way the written word had not reached. I think I have seen most of the Jesus movies since then.

So yesterday I took myself to see the “Son of God” movie before it left the theaters. Like many of you, I saw the Bible Miniseries last year and  liked it. I know this was a spin-off of sorts but also knew my history with Jesus movies and decided to add this to my list.

Seven of us sat in the darkened seats and the opening narration, “In the Beginning was the Word…” melted me once again. Of course, there were no surprises in the script, no spoiler alerts ahead. I still sat mesmerized by the familiar story and seemed glued to my seat in the end. In fact, they turned the lights up and came in to sweep and five of us just sat there not moving.

Jesus movies might not be your style and no judgment here if you don’t want to see the film. I do urge you to find the setting that is effective for going deeper with your own faith journey. Worship? Nature? Community? Quiet? I like all those too but will definitely show up when the next Jesus film comes out.

I’m checking out “Noah” next. How about you?

Hope for the Best,


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2 Responses to “Jesus-Film Buff”

  1. 1 Elaine Lewis March 27, 2014 at 4:28 PM

    Were going to see Gods not dead Saturday. Blessings


    — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Hope for the Best

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