Life List Update: Check that Off!

Books signedYears ago I spent my bonus hour in October creating my “Life List”: Those things I wanted to learn or experience in the course of the rest of my life. Life List Some people call them “Bucket Lists.” Mine hasn’t changed much recently so I was delighted to cross something else off last Thursday. Meet a President.

Somehow the rest of my family has managed to meet about 9 of them but not me. I was never in the right place at the right time. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Jimmy Carter would be signing a book in Andersonville last week. My chance had arrived!

Apparently a lot of other people had this on their life list too because the line to meet the president and get a book signed was very long… and it was raining. No way was I leaving that line. Finally it was our turn to go in but I was the one holding the book so Tom had to wait by the door. We weren’t allowed to take photos but I imprinted those smiling blue eyes of Mr. Carter as I greeted him. DONE! I couldn’t wait to get home and check that off.

But first we stopped at another independent book store where a local author was giving a talk about his new book on Wrigley Field, a shrine of sorts in our family. Two well-known Chicago authors were also adding to the discussion so a bonus add-on indeed to an already sparkly evening.

Most days are so ordinary but you just never know when an ex-president or best-selling authors will share the Chicago rain with you one evening.

Chicago Rain

Chicago Rain

Hope for the Best,




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