Too Much STUFF? 10 Ways to Deal With It

BasementFinally I am seeing floor again in my basement … the major household rearrangement continues but my stuff is no longer politely concealed behind closed doors but instead flaunting itself all over the place! I will win the effort for sure and will be ready to take the “after” photos eventually but for now I need a plan for “stuff management.”

This is my plan: Each item gets scrutinized and sorted into one of  10 piles for distribution, here are the categories:

1. Freecycle. This is a web group, I use the Evanston one. ( You post what you want to give away OR acquire and the community responds to you. In the past week I have left a number of items on my porch with post-it names on them for the new owner to come and collect. Easy!

2. Kids. We have provided free storage to our children’s memorabilia for years but now they are getting it back!

3. Harvest/Clothing Closet: Our church has a free clothing pantry every Wednesday so all found clothing and small household items are going on that pile. Very satisfying to see the patrons enjoying their “new” items.

4. Return to Store. In the purge I found unopened purchases from mostly craft stores that went right back for merchandise credit.

5. Recycle: The bins are overflowing in our alley from all the recyclables we are generating. I also have a box gathering of electronics to deliver to a different site and cell phones for another.

6. Friends: Books, photos and even a cassette tape turned up that got passed on to their original owners or those much more interested in the subject.

7. Sell: Half –Priced Books and Disc Replay stores will give you immediate cash for your stuff they can sell in the store. Don’t count on big sums but it is usually worth the trip.

8. Library: Whatever books I don’t sell go to the public library donation bins.

9. Local Senior Center: Magazines get dropped off here.

10. Garbage!

Stay tuned for progress reports! Easter is my self-imposed goal.

Hope for the best,



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