The Music Man

Music ManOf all the patrons at the Clothes Closet Harvest and Clothes Closet last week, he wore a softness that was unusual in this crowd. An easy smile, bright eyes defined his appearance and he kept saying “Thank You.” Not that the other patrons aren’t grateful but there was something tender about the way he expressed it.

He first grabbed 5 books and asked if the books counted towards the 8 per-patron items. When we said they did he put the books down saying he and his wife needed the clothes more .

My friend filled me in on his story, everyone has one.

After 34 years of work, he was let go when his company shut down. He is also a musician but eventually ran out of money and began to sell off his precious guitar, amp and other musical components. Soon he was on the streets.

You might have run into him out pan-handling. If you gave him a donation, he gave you one of his printed songs he carries, as a thank you of course. He believes in giving back.

After he filled his bag with a few items, he handed me and another volunteer  small sheets of paper… mine was a thank you song entitled, “You Have to Bless to be Blessed.”

Here are a few lines:

“When the dark gray clouds start to roll and the cold rain starts to fall, God will send you kind-hearted people who won’t let you fall and answer your call.

All over town one window rolls up, one window rolls down. Thank you God for these kind-hearted people.”(Words, Music Rights & Property of D.T. Borgia)

After he had his 8 items we gave him the books back. He was very appreciative and surprised. He teared up and said that he felt like crying.

He came around to thank us all again for the items. I think I got the best offering that night, the smile, the story and the song.

Wish I could have heard him sing it.

Hope for the Best,


3 Responses to “The Music Man”

  1. 1 linda sylvester April 21, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing about this kind man. I was there that same night, and had the pleasure to meet him and hear part of his story. I was so amazed at his gentleness and interest in taking the right amount of items, and doing the right thing. I’m so happy to hear that he was able to have the books in addition to the clothes.

    His words in the song blessed me as well, as well as your words to honor him.


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