Three “Thoughts of the Day” for Moms

I was milling around in the produce area of Trader Joe’s when I heard the single word that has defined the longest season of my life coming from somewhere in the store… “MOM!”  I immediately turned to the voice to respond and realized none of my four children were within at least 10 miles of the store.

me and Selah 1982

Me and my Baby Girl

Moms are always on-call.

We keep our phones on or at least check them often just in case a need arises for a quick consult, update or prayer need. We celebrate their accomplishments with our friends and are so grateful they crossed the current street all by themselves yet still love every opportunity to slip into that Mom role again.

Even when our children have children.

After 36 years of being a Mom, I still melt at their words of affection, fill with excitement at greeting them, burst with pride in their accomplishments, weep with their heartaches and pray for them everyday.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few…” as the lyrics go but have tried to keep that list updated with them of things I wished I had done differently or not at all. I’m sure I missed a couple of dozen.

In case anyone asks for my sage wisdom these days, I have three things to offer…

  1. “Enjoy the little things for they will have turned out to have been the big things.”
  2. Bless your kids at every opportunity. Too many voices tell us we’re lacking in some way or another, be the voice of love, approval, celebration and blessing.
  3. Ditch the mom-guilt. You did/are doing your best. Clean up after yourself when you mess up and trust yourself as the best mom ever for your kids because God picked YOU.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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