Hurried Regret

lilies-of-the-valley-1005292-mSometimes I just move too fast. Do you? Due to all my “important” agenda items, I missed a favorite delight of spring, especially so after our arduous winter. A small portion of our yard cradles the annual blooming of the lovely lilies of the valley. If you have ever inhaled their fragrance, you know what valuable land this is.

All year this portion of the yard is held sacred, we don’t dig them up, mow them down or plant anything else in their space. We wait for the one week each year they fill the yard with their indelible perfume.

I missed it this year 😦  Can’t even say I was traveling because although I was gone over a week, the night I came home they began to bloom.

Each day of the one week they were aflame with aroma, I kept doing just one more thing and one more thing. I even put on my to-do list several times to go outside and smell the lilies and bring some into the house. I noticed them all right as I climbed and out of the car but counted on them to wait for me.

Last evening I finally remembered and rushed outside with my scissors and they were dying. The perky white flowers had yellowed and limped on the stems. I combed through the hundreds with my fingers looking for any to salvage. None.

Wish I could tell you what was so important that I chose instead. Would love to tell you this will never happen again. Wondering what else has a tiny of window of opportunity that I will ignore and race right by.

The peonies are next. So grateful for another opportunity to “stop and smell the roses” but my regret lingers.

I hope you didn’t miss it either, whatever enchants you. Let’s remind each other how brief it all is.


2 Responses to “Hurried Regret”

  1. 1 Mary Nelson June 2, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Thanks for the reminder–they beg to be noticed–thankfully our little ones have a voice to say “notice me!!” . thanks tish!

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