Hitting the Road

Holding on to the bannister on the way down

Hiking in New Mexico

I opened a fortune cookie in March which read, “You may  find your horizons suddenly broadened.”  Maybe not quite “suddenly” but “broadened” nonetheless.

My suitcase is open again for the 4th time in six weeks.  Trains and planes and my  Toyota have transported me to the familiar comfort of old friends, gorgeous mountain scenery, new experiences like sliding down a long sand hill in a desert, traipsing through an old mining town, the pleasure of spending time with my faraway family, the quiet sanctuary of a retreat setting and now off to a writer’s conference for further training in my life’s work.
Meanwhile, my garden isn’t touched, the desk piles get higher, the fridge shelves beg for replenishing,  many to-do’s are still undone and I’m wondering what has fallen through the cracks.
For such a lover of routine, I have abandoned most of it the last few weeks and enjoyed the sense of living in the moment without a list. I dare not offer any complaints about the fast pace as I want to call myself the kind of girl who is able to move smoothly between both the ordinary days as well as the extraordinary ones.  Truth be told, occasionally it is a bit bumpy.
I don’t do well experiencing and processing simultaneously so I ‘ll finish experiencing the last week of travel (for now) this week then sit back and observe all the stops along the way and the souvenirs of the heart that come when horizons broaden.  I’m sure you will be hearing about it!
I don’t really believe cookies tell our fortunes but do know God can and does use anything to get our attention.  Perhaps the “suddenly” is still ahead.  Meanwhile, gotta go pack again… see you when I get back.
Hope for the best,

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