Morning Rituals Anyone?

Morning Walk

Morning View at the Lake

Most of us participate in morning rituals though we may not call them that. Making the coffee, reading the paper, lacing up, checking the weather or the stock market all count, especially if they flow in an order of sorts.*


My morning ritual usually begins by searching for wherever I left my glasses the night before then putting a pot of water on for tea.  The next thirty to forty minutes shape my spiritual underpinnings to the day as I settle either in my living room or outside on the patio for my favorite time of the day

Life-giving rhythms of  praying, writing in my journal, reading from the Bible and often another inspirational book and forming my to-do list for the day have sustained me for many years and are essential to who I am. Through many seasons of life, single, married without kids, mother of many small children and now an empty-nester, continuity in these practices has grounded me daily.

This time of year, another favorite morning practice is a walk by the lake.  All my confusion seem clearer in the early light. I seem to share that ritual with a handful of other regulars as we often silently greet each other passing on the path. Need other ideas for the morning? 10 (Satisfying) Things to Slip In Before Breakfast

Each lake path is beautiful!

Each lake path is beautiful!

Rituals invite intentionality. The order in which things unfold, the attention paid to the details of an activity, the carefully chosen props for each task at hand, all create a ceremony of sorts that provides meaning and significance to the ordinary events of the day.

For me, they are “stamp of identity” and when I get off-balance, returning to or creating rituals grounds me once again.

How does one define a set of tasks as a “ritual”? Certain elements are present that set them apart from the long to-do lists that occupy our days. Stop back Monday for the details!

Do you have rituals sprinkled throughout your day?

Hope for the Best,


* PS Adapted from my book, Rhythms of Renewal. Looking for some new spiritual practices? Want to break out of boring routines? Need a bit of soul de-cluttering? Rhythms of Renewal ( addresses all these issues and more. For the rest of June I am offering signed copies at Buy One/Get One Fr*e with fr*e shipping. Regular retail $10. No limit but deeper discount available for larger quantities. Ideal summer reading for yourself or small group. Offer is NOT available on Amazon, please message me for details.


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