Books for a Summer Morning

September 2013 015

Seen on Washington Island

Mug of tea in one hand, English muffin in the other and my basket of assorted reading slung over my arm, I head to the patio these summer mornings. In between greeting the neighbors and their dogs as they walk by my outdoor sanctuary, I pull out the books one by one and set the course of my day.

For the first time in many summers, I am not reading a Madeleine L’Engle work of non-fiction but instead, in between journal writing and listening to the audio Bible, I am enjoying three very different genres of books that are not usually on my must-read list. Curious?

  1. Sisterhood of Saints by my friend, Melanie Rigney. Although I am not Catholic, I draw inspiration and encouragement from these stories of women of faith in the page-a-day format.
  2. Hope for an Aching Heart, written by another friend, Margaret Nyman. I am also not a widow but walking along side of Margaret in these devotions spun out of her stories of  her husband’s death  has enriched my faith and empathy for my friends walking this journey.
  3. Travel Journal written by me 42 summers ago! I found this slim broken-spine little red journal in the back of the closet with all the other written memorabilia of my life so far. Remember my post The Night I Preached in Rome? This journal provides the rest of the story of that memorable summer in Italy. Each day I read the corresponding entry from the same date. This morning I recounted arriving in Bologna Italy and greeted by pizza and peaches served by a local church! Fascinating to “see” myself in that season of life.

Morning books overlaying the journals.

The evening books will be a later post but stay tuned 🙂

What’s on your morning list?

Hope for the best,



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