Love in the Kitchen

love-is-all-1402028-mI can hear my husband clinking around in the kitchen. He is emptying the dish rack because I forgot to again, or actually, I didn’t notice it was full. Darn, I missed that chance to do one of the few things I know he likes in the household maintenance department, an empty dish rack.

So simple, why can’t I remember? Believe me, my husband has few preferences in the kitchen. I could tell him five nights a week that we’re having PB & J for dinner (I don’t!) and he would be grateful. He washes dishes, cleans the stove, sweeps the floor and occasionally tries to bring order to my random fridge shelving method. (There is no method.)

About 25 years ago I read an article that said to pay attention to the little things that are important to your spouse in the household. I bravely asked him what was important and he hesitated a bit then came up with, “Let’s keep the garbage can where it belongs.” Back story: I tended to drag it out from under the sink and keep it by the stove so I could clean up as I messed up but never put it back. “I like to have Grape Nuts and bananas on hand.” I usually remember that but not always. “Empty the dish rack when it is full.”  That’s it.

He never mentions anything except I know the dish rack thing bugs him.

So I’m going to try harder. I know he will have grace for me if I don’t and after all, it is just a dish rack but yet so much more.

Emptying the dish rack is a way of saying I Love You, your preferences are important to me, I want to serve you in this small task. Back in the dating days I had a practically a PhD in what was important/interesting/valuable to my boyfriend-now-husband. I don’t want to lose that knowledge by not using it.

What little things are important to your spouse? If you don’t know, be brave and ask.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Love in the Kitchen”

  1. 1 preppywithapurpose July 16, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    Tish, I love this post. As a recently married woman, I can appreciate learning these little yet significant things. Thank you! Love, Tali Byrne- now Snow 🙂

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