Remember the “Firsts”

night-sky-486895-mEvery person who has ever been born has looked at the SAME moon you see each night. Isn’t that astounding? Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln, etc. have all gazed upon it just like you.

Might be also true of the sun but we don’t look into the sun as we do the moon. The stars shift in different parts of the hemisphere so we can’t count those either in saying we have all looked at the same star. Just the moon.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Moon Walk in 1969. None of the fore-named gazers probably ever imagined that occurring. Well maybe Jesus.

In my “archive” of memories I ran across a letter I wrote to my parents on Moon Day 1969 from a camp in Massachusetts where I worked as a summer counselor.

Dear Family,

No mail today because It is Moon Day. Isn’t that exciting! We sang the Star Spangled Banner at breakfast and everyone was so psyched. I wish I had a newspaper or something… The kids watched a movie and we (staff) watched the moon men on TV….

Love, Tish

We all have experienced a lot of “firsts.” Maybe not as dramatic in a global sense as a walk on the moon but still a milestone. I happened to visit the Art Institute the day the Modern Wing opened. How about Wrigley Field’s FIRST night game on 8-8-88? This past week was the anniversary of the opening of Millennium Park in Chicago,  can you tell your grandchildren you remember when it wasn’t there?

Look around, catch a “first,” and gaze at the moon with new perspective.

Hope for the Best,



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