No Ordinary Page

rose-of-sharon-794134-mThe pager went off in that sweet spot of the morning just as I was  coming out of slumber into the early light of dawn.

The caller was not a member of the hospital team but a loved one who asked if I might come in to sit with her a bit as her Mom has just died. Usually these requests come in from the staff so I was glad to have the initial conversation before I arrived.

Before we ended the call, she asked me what faith tradition I was from (that’s usually MY question.) When I responded there was a moment of silence before she responded:  “Please come, it doesn’t matter that we are of different faiths.”

I found her in the chapel, she wasn’t ready to go to the hospital room yet. She motioned for me to sit next to her and I complied then waited. She seemed to be running this meeting.

The tears flowed first then the words. Anguish, loss, pain, sadness, grief, then pride in the kind of life her Mom had modeled for her and anyone else who was watching. A smile broke through now and then.

While we huddled on the bench, a third person entered the tiny sanctuary and began morning prayers in yet a different faith tradition.  Something holy was going on in that chapel as we provided space and grace for one another.

One by one we left. The loved one was ready to walk with courage into her Mom’s room. I knew she would need another round of grace soon but she was strong in the moment. The most recent arrival put the prayer rug away and went back to his floor rounds. I sat and marveled at what just transpired and punched out and went home.

A tiny chapel full of faith. Why can’t it work so well in the rest of the world?

Hope for the Best,



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