Deja-Vu Days

Four tired grandchildren after a party!!

Four tired grandchildren after a party!!

The newspapers stayed in the wrappers, my journal  froze for three days, the morning basket didn’t budge from the porch.  No I’m not sick or in crisis, thank God. I’m keeping close company with the grandchildren this week and not much else gets done!

Every Monday in July, Tom and I spend the morning with our three oldest on “The Monday Outings” as we all call them. This year we thoroughly explored Kohl’s Children’s Museum one Monday, fought off hordes of mosquitos while scavenger-hunting in a forest preserve another, splashed around a public pool on the one hot Monday and roamed around Wagner Farm taking photos of cows and chickens this past Monday.

Just for this week, our sweet youngest granddaughter arrived at 6 AM Sunday and Tuesday for an all day visit. Watching her smile and roll over was far more fascinating than the usual to-do’s of the day so things at home kind of piled up 🙂  Oh well! How quickly I forgot about the intensity of the early parenting season.

Today I get to escort my oldest granddaughter (8) to a writing class in the city. I am so looking forward to riding the L with her and engaging in conversation about what she is learning.  Writing, a topic close to my heart!

Next week we will all be into our regularly scheduled programming and no extra visits that I can see. The school schedule will too soon reclaim the older three and the baby won’t be an infant much longer. The newspapers and the journal will re-emerge along with the emails and work assignments but for this brief time, I am pressing the hold button down.

Just like the first round of parenting their parents, these days are not a do-over but I am so much more aware of it this time…and a bit more exhausted!

“The Days are Long but the Years are Short.” Gretchen Rubin.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Deja-Vu Days”

  1. 1 bronx51 August 1, 2014 at 7:09 AM

    I can’t wait to have such interruptions in my life. Someday!

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