Garage Museum

Hauling stuff away!

Hauling stuff away!

Some of you soaked at the beach, some of you cheered at the ballgame, I saw some of you riding your bikes on the way to somewhere fun. We, on the other hand, spent all day Saturday in our garage. Aren’t you jealous?

Our tenants are changing over again (more on that soon) and we promised garage space for storage, only there wasn’t any!

We opened the big door, pulled the garbage cans close, pumped up the music and dug in. Section by section we tried the ruthless approach to whatever we found. Old bikes posted on and got snatched up immediately. Gently used end tables weren’t such a hot commodity.

Some finds I couldn’t toss like a few precious baby clothes of the four, my tiny engagement dress, a handmade 6 foot burlap card I made for Tom’s 22nd birthday and other treasured artifacts of our long life together.

Like a museum, we view the exhibits now and then and tell stories of their origins. So much history in such a small place. Memories of bygone seasons of our lives. We laughed and teared up and kept on going.

We also seem to be in the storage business for several of our children. I’m sure they don’t have a clue what we are keeping so carefully for them but we’ll extend their lease a little longer. One corner holds our son’s cherished riding lawnmower that he insists we hang on to until he has room for it, so we oblige.

The piles got higher: Toss, recycle, freecycle, donate, keep. When our cans couldn’t take anymore we begged our neighbors for some space and still a lot is waiting for the next pick-up.

We finished at 9 PM, cleaned up and headed out for some al fresco pizza and toasted our accomplishment. We did it, they can fit their stuff in 🙂 The order feels wonderful, hope I can sustain it.  Always the issue right?

Out with the old and in with the new but this time the NEW won’t belong to us.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Garage Museum”

  1. 1 Carol Early Cooney August 5, 2014 at 9:34 AM

    I am sorry that we missed it! Maybe you could have inspired us to work on the basement….

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