Shoe-Girl (NOT)

photo-32You might call me a shoe-minimalist. I couldn’t believe it myself when I counted my collection for this post: Two black pairs worn most of the time, assorted flip-flips, the pair in the gym bag and some dress ones that aren’t very comfortable.

You probably have a few more, right? I thought so.

Last week I decided maybe I could use one more pair (OR Facebook decided that first and sent me the ad.) The on-line sale was lasting about ten minutes so I hustled and clicked “Buy Now.” Perhaps I should have chosen a conservative pair of pumps or small tasteful heels to class up my wardrobe but instead I ordered a pair of purple Keens.

They arrived yesterday and I promptly put them on and took off for my errands. I felt like Dorothy in the ruby slippers, my iridescent purple shoes could transport me anywhere! Believe me, they got noticed too. I engaged in conversation with three or four strangers about the emanate coolness of purple shoes. So much more fun than traipsing around in my black ones  🙂

I’m aware of certain assumptions that might be made about a girl in bright purple shoes. I’m fun-loving (true.) I must have a lot of other trendy clothes (false.) I don’t mind standing out in a crowd (true.) I am an impulsive shopper (false.) I really don’t care what someone else thinks about my shoes (true.) I enjoy making fashion statements (what’s a fashion statement?)

If we meet on the street, I’ll probably have them on. I tend to wear shoes till they collapse. I’ll probably be moving a little faster, stepping a little lighter or maybe even dancing. Purple shoes will do that to you.

Have you bought anything fun lately? I recommend stepping out of your usual preferences now and then. It is amazing how the color of everything seems to change!

Hope for the Best,




6 Responses to “Shoe-Girl (NOT)”

  1. 1 Barbara Boyle August 7, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    Well,being an old shoe dog (shoe salesgirl) from NYC,I know the passion women derive from their shoes.Yoko Ono once came into my store and bought 5 pairs of the same boot,all in different colors.Carly Simon would put a pair on and stare at her reflection for almost a half hour at different angles.I could tell tales of how several of the rich and famous cherished their footwear.I ,myself ,rival Imelda Marcos.But alas,I no longer need to dress for work,so I’m selling all of them on eBay.My seller name is rubyslippersbarbie!

  2. 3 basilrose August 8, 2014 at 12:50 AM

    I love this!!!



  3. 5 August 8, 2014 at 9:47 AM


    Ann K

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