Soup Spoons

SpoonsAmid all the cluttered items stacked on the table at the garage sale in the alley, they caught my eye right away. I have a “thing” about dishes and strolled over to take a closer look.

I suppose I need to mention that I already have soup spoons, but not like these. The elaborate handles had all the look of Christmas Eve or Passover Meals. Like the finest dresses one only wears for very special events, their appearances at the table were probably rare.

I was $3 short of the asking price but it was late in the morning so I made my offer and waited for the consultation with “the lady inside” and walked away with an empty wallet and six exquisite spoons.

I would love to know their story. Whose table did they adorn? How many generations? What conversations did they observe? Why were they on the sale table that morning? Everything has a story.

At our home, these spoons will not languish in a box. Now that September has shown up, our tradition of Sunday night soup will resume and each week the spoons will show up at our table. I’ve never been one to “save” the good stuff, every day is a special occasion.

But first their debut will be tonight at the gathering of my small group of beloved friends that meet every other Monday night in my home. We will laugh and talk and toast and pray and nudge each other out there to run fast and far. The lovely spoons will fit right in.

Soup spoons. Designed for the serving of simple fare but feed my spirit like a banquet.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Soup Spoons”

  1. 1 Cathy Ellison September 8, 2014 at 3:46 PM

    How wonderful! For all the ways these spoons have had a story and for all the stories they will continue to be part of, how lovely!

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