How Many Days to the Next Celebration?

Celebrating 50 Months (a long time ago!)

Celebrating 50 Months (a long time ago!)

I once got a “badge” for my FitBit congratulating me on getting 15,000 steps in one day. I’m due for another badge of sorts because Tom and I will be married 15,000 days on September 12.

You may wonder, how long did it take to count all those days?? My daughter shared with me the Time-Date calculator so it took about 10 seconds.

In our early years, each 18th of the month (wedding date) I donned my wedding dress again and we dined on fine foods at a card table in our living room to set the dinner apart from all the other ones in the month. Then the four kids came and the wedding dress no longer fit  😦

Seventeen years into our marriage, Tom surprised me by swooping me away for a whole evening to celebrate our 200 month mark. I hadn’t realized that milestone until he began presenting me with little gifts with the theme of “200.”   The most endearing was a bottle of capsules he procured somewhere and filled each one with a little note: 200 in all.

We’ve had a few things on our plates the past 15,000 days but still almost always remember the “Monthaversary” as we call it but this is the first time we have marked the days. BTW, it will be May 22, 2028 when we reach 20,000. I’m saving the date.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Hallmark holidays all usually make it to our calendars but for each one of us special dates are hiding in the calendar and waiting to be unveiled. You will eat dinner/go out/have a conversation anyway that day so take every opportunity to celebrate this precious life.

PS: Another popular post on this topic was Celebrate your Kissaversary! (Click here to read)

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