Sunday Night Soup and Shows

A recent library book sale find.

A recent library book sale find.

I don’t recall turning on the TV since last May except to watch a movie but Sunday Night Soup & Shows is back on!

Maybe it’s a throwback to the Bonanza and Ed Sullivan Show era when my brothers and I camped in front of the TV with our leftovers or sometimes a real TV dinner in the foil package. We all looked forward to that simple supper so much because it was the only night of the week we were allowed to eat in the living room and watch TV.

For many years of Sept-May Sunday nights, Tom and I do the same. I make a pot of some sort of soup each week (Soup Spoons) and usually a batch of cornbread and a small salad. We pile everything on a tray and cart it downstairs in time for 60 Minutes. Amazing Race usually followed but it has moved to Friday nights now. No one consulted us or we would have protested! We will still watch it on Sundays after recording the Friday episode.

Ken Burns, one of our favorite documentarians, has a new special on the Roosevelts so that will be in our queue also and before you know it Downton Abby will be gracing our screen again.

Sunday night soup

Sunday-night-use-only bowls.

Sunday rhythms also include a handful of weekly tasks like winding the chime clock, and more than occasionally taking a nap sometime between church and shows. If I’m in the mood, I will often organize some photos as long as it feels like fun, not a have-to-do. Mostly I try to DO as little as possible and just BE.

Are Sundays special for you too?

Hope for the Best,


PS: More on Sundays: Seeking Sabbath


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