Clerking at the Men’s Clothing Department

Harvest Clothing Closet

Harvest Clothes Closet

My first job out of college with my double degrees in Psychology and Sociology was selling men’s clothing at JC Penney in Quincy. I feel like I have that job again each Wednesday that I volunteer at the Harvest Clothes Closet at our church. Men from a variety of cultures and sizes come walking through our door looking for the basic need of something to wear.

Due to my “credentials”, I so enjoy watching the men carefully look over our racks, choose an item, hold it up to themselves and often smile and remark, “I think this will work.”

As I sometimes help them go through the selection, my wonderings fall along the lines of …Do they need it for an interview? Are they going to work these days? Did they just arrive from another country? Do they live on the streets? Usually I never know the story.

Last night a man asked me several times if we had any hats. Of course, I didn’t know he was asking for hats as we spoke different languages but he finally mimicked putting on a hat and I got it. Except we didn’t have any hats. We had a cold spell last week and he probably wasn’t prepared.

Folks at our church are generous and we have a fine selection of women’s clothing but a lot of men walk through as well with hope on their faces. It’s not just the ladies who want to look nice.

Hats, belts, socks and shoes are always in short supply. Hard to be dressed without them.

I got a paycheck back at Penney’s but what I earn these days volunteering will last a lot longer.

Oh and if you have any men’s accessories, drop them by.

Hope for the Best,



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