The Perfect Prop


Filled and ready!

At long last I finished my recent photo album and finally caught up…until I grab the camera again. Before you gasp, I’m not finished but caught up. Thousands of photos await sorting but those are for other albums.

Seems as though all I needed was a small colorful cabinet I found in my hospital gift shop. As soon as I spotted it, my crush broke out. I spent days admiring it, picturing each drawer filed with my photo supplies, imagining my delight at simply closing the drawers when I finished a segment of the work. I started a little fund.

MY previous M.O. was to fill the dining room table with piles of pens, stickers, cutting tools and of course photos. After a few album pages, I needed the table back for something mundane like dinner so everything got piled away. Repeat over and over again. Often I missed an opportunity to get a little more done because of the effort involved in setting up and taking down.

Until the cabinet came home with me  🙂  I had so much fun filling the little drawers with my tools of the trade and just closing them when I finished. No more stacks of supplies on other tables!

Tom snapped this while I was working.

Tom snapped this while I was working.

Sometimes it is the simplest of props that gets the task done. Like colorful garden gloves for the planting project, cute stretchy pants for the spinning class, a new cookbook to invite dinner preparation, a handy bedside lamp for crawling into a fresh book. I am a big believer in the right props for each job.  See: Small Props = Big Help

What prop has helped you recently?

Hope for the Best,



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