Written in Stone

A few years ago for Christmas our kids chipped in to buy a Wrigley Field commemorative brick  for Tom, a third-generation lifelong fan. We always stop by to view it when we go to the park, which is usually once or twice a season.

The brick

It’s odd and somewhat unsettling to think about that brick outliving us. Will anyone be able to piece together any scrap of our story from those three lines? I hope so.

While visiting Quincy last fall, my mom casually mentioned our name was now inscribed on a plaque by the recently renovated public swimming pool. I was rather surprised and drove right over and there it was! She decided we all enjoyed the pool back in our kid-hood so she made a donation and got all our names carved in the stone.

Our family name on a plaque in a park

On our recent trip to Bayside, Maine we picked up a flyer announcing a fund-raiser for the historic area and the method was guess what? Selling bricks with inscribed names on a new walkway. I’m thinking about that if I have any hundred-dollar bills left over one day.

First though, with my discretionary funds, I would buy a brick honoring my favorite childhood book series, The Betsy-Tacy Books. (Betsy, Tacy and Tish) The Betsy-Tacy society, of which I am a member, is promoting engraved bricks to preserve the literary landmarks. I hope they still have some left when I’m ready to be commemorated.

I don’t know how or when this trend started but a quick Google search informed me there were thousands of options in case you’re planning on being remembered in this way.

What path would you want YOUR brick on?

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Written in Stone”

  1. 1 TLC September 27, 2014 at 8:21 AM

    Hey, Tish. So you’re immortalized in Maine and Chicago – cool beans! Our family did theater seats, plaques set into the arm rest. At one point our parents donated one for each of us, we put our grandmothers’ names as they passed away and then put our three kids and dates of graduation forever inscribed in their high school auditorium. So we’re written in metal!

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