Rapidly Spinning Plans

SpinningMy October calendar squares are already splattered with cross-outs and wite-outs. Plans keep changing. Scheduled trips, speaking events, birthday parties, coaching clients have all skipped around the white spaces like a game of tic tac toe. Write down/cross off.

I’m not liking this one bit.

Let me tell you, this girl loves to make plans. Schedules entice me, reservations delight me. Spontaneity has never been my strong suit, just let me make a PLAN!

Each day for the past five, thoughtfully crafted, long-standing events got pushed aside and new ones stepped up. It has felt dizzying and I have the feeling it’s not over. One crisis I knew about, the other just occurred over the weekend. I’m wondering what I’m supposed to learn through all this. Am I getting it yet? Will I ever know why?

I snuggled into my chair this morning with my cup of tea to count the calendar damage (8 so far) and to grab the ring of hope always dangling in front of me. I opened my favorite devotion, Jesus Calling  http://amzn.to/1sZFTDv to read these words.

Be willing to follow wherever I lead…Though you don’t know what lies ahead, I know and that is enough!

I’m packing my suitcase this week to follow. My only uncle died suddenly over the weekend so an out-of-town funeral fills some squares this week.   I crossed his name off my prayer list this morning, didn’t see that coming.

Meanwhile, my beloved sister-in-law still languishes on hospice. Please add her name, Karen, to your list.

I have a new understanding of the phrase “pencil it in.”   Easier to change the best of plans that way. Some things I do need to hold more lightly but others like faith, family, friends I am clinging to in these turbulent days.

Hope for the Best,




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