The (not) Stockpiler

Plenty of Supplies

Plenty of Supplies

I spent three nights at my Mom’s over the weekend while attending a funeral. BTW My Mom is the only person around who still thinks of me as “young.”

I can pack lightly when I travel there as she has everything. Two or more of everything. Perhaps that’s why I run out of stuff all the time. Somewhat of a need to “do it my way” which might have started when I was born. My way was to live on the edge and not worry about running out.

Now and then I might forget to buy dental floss, I noticed five of them on her bathroom shelf. When you open her car trunk there is an extra 24 pack of toilet paper in addition to what she stocks in the basement “just in case.” Guess she never needs to keep a Kleenex box handy for emergencies …sometimes I run out of Kleenex too.

I could probably forget my whole suitcase and Mom would have enough toiletries and clothes to see me through several weeks of visiting. Honestly, it used to bug me, all this stockpiling but now I find it endearing as well as handy when I forget to bring an umbrella. She has four.

Did I mention she grew up during the Depression?

Crazy thing is that one of my four is a just-in-caser too. Guess some traits skip generations or the memory of regular run-outs is driving the need.

My husband was shocked to find we had an extra roll of foil on hand when there was still some on the old one. “I guess I’m changing a few of my ways” I joked. Nothing too radical though, I can’t run the dishwasher until I buy some more soap.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “The (not) Stockpiler”

  1. 1 Abby October 13, 2014 at 11:48 PM

    Having grown up in a house where we were known to go 48 hours without toilet paper (creative options exist) I fall somewhere closer to your Mom on the spectrum. If you need some TP, stop in by. I may not have 24 (or 48) but I surely have a roll to spare!

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