When Are You Old Enough to be the Thanksgiving Cook?

One of the tables last year

One of the tables last year

I was walking towards Jewel the other day to buy my Thanksgiving turkey and suddenly wondered how I got old enough to make the dinner. Shouldn’t I be going to MY mom’s or even my Grandma’s still so they could cook the turkey?

Of course, I have hosted Thanksgiving dinners off and on for 40 plus years but still wonder sometimes if I’m really qualified. I really never conquered stuffing for example. I start with the package of crumbs and seasonings and follow directions. The mashed potatoes might be overcooked and truth be told, my husband always cooks the turkey so I can’t claim that either. I don’t recall ever making a pumpkin pie as my guests always bring dessert. No one seems to notice my lack of perfection.

Hundreds of folks have shown up at our table over the years. Many I might not recognize if they walked in this year. Not that I have memory loss but I only met them once, at our Thanksgiving. Some years we filled the whole dining room on a hodgepodge of tables or occasionally spilled out into the basement to really spread the crowd out. Then there was the time our sewer backed up on Thanksgiving and our one bathroom was in high demand with such a crowd. My dear husband kept surreptitiously sneaking downstairs to shop vac the floor unbeknownst to most of the guests.

I thought the BIG Thanksgivings were over Traditions in Transition but last year once again we moved the piano out, joined tables and hosted a multitude including two international students from Northwestern.

I think our celebration is small and intimate this year but it’s only Tuesday so things might change once again. The turkey is waiting in the fridge for Tom, I’m buying the stuffing at Whole Foods.

Instead of the grandchild, I am now the grandmother and no one seems to be asking whether I am old enough to do this so I guess I’ll just put on my cute apron and act like I’m in charge. The roaster has been passed, so to speak.

Hope for the Best,


PS Don’t forget to write in your Thanksgiving Journal.


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