The Advent Props


As usual, Thanksgiving seemed to slide right into Advent and I was packing up the turkey platter while trying to remember where I stuck the Advent Wreath at the end of last year’s season.

Found it! Stuck inside were two little songbooks and an ornate candle snuffer.

The Advent season is usually full of holy moments as the veil between this reality and the eternal one seems to lift a bit during these four weeks. I wonder what glimpses of the holy I will see this year, can’t wait! But yet I must as Advent is all about waiting….

So I’ve gathered my small collection of Advent props to set the stage, props are a big deal for me (more on Props).

For the morning, just for me.

Readings: I change-up my morning readings for Advent and add a devotional. I often use Preparing for Jesus  but there are many to choose from. This year I’m enjoying Finding Messiah

Music: A few years ago someone sent me this Advent CD Music in Solitude which fills my living room each morning but only during Advent.

Calendars: My dear friend and neighbor slipped this little calendar in my mailbox and I open it in the morning. When our kids were small we used a larger version every night during our Advent time.

For the Evening, for whoever joins.

The Wreath: Can be an “official” Advent wreath available on-line or religious bookstores or a circle of candles. It all works.

Songbooks: We have little paper ones that date back to when our kids were little and still wear the marks and scribbles. We sing a carol to start the Advent time.

The Bible: For the daily Advent readings scroll down

The Advent Book The large full-color book with beautiful illustrations features 25 unique doors, each opening to reveal a picture and a segment of the Christmas story. The Advent Book

Christmas cards: We love to open them at this time and reminisce about the senders and pray a blessing for them. Send us one!

The Red Snuffer: Especially a craved item for the younger set as it is so fun to snuff the candles out!

Wondering how this all fits together? Celebrate Advent

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Hope for the Best,


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