Christmas Cards? Yes!

Cards 14Six days until Christmas and I haven’t baked a cookie or been to the mall but I woke up early this morning to finish my Christmas cards, one of my favorite rituals. Something about the dark of the house, the lights of the tree, the strain of the carols all provide the perfect ambiance for this time-honored tradition. I don’t like to rush the details.

I remember when the Christmas card table came out in the living room of my childhood home each year. My dad set it up by his TV chair so he could write all the notes during commercials. Seems like just about everyone sent cards during that era. So much so that the mail came twice a day during a few weeks in December. Bliss! My 88-year-old mom still sets up that table each year.

I don’t think the subject of Christmas cards ever came up in our bare-bones pre-marital counseling but every year the stack goes out. Sure, I can see most of these faraway friends on Facebook, call or text them in a minute but once a year I want a different kind of connecting.

My Christmas card “policies” are kind of loose. Usually we send a letter of sorts with family news, often designed by our daughter who knows how to make the computer do those things. A picture is a must for a girl like me who snaps photos all the time. Personal handwriting somewhere on the card in addition to the signature is also a high value.

For addressing, I may or may not use labels, depending on the year. Oh and if we see each other often, you probably won’t get a card but if you move away, check your mailbox.

I hope you’ll send me a card back, I’ll take good care of it. We love opening the cards during Advent, calling up a fun memory, saying a prayer for you and hanging your card on a ribbon.

Not a card sender? No worries.  Don’t do it if you don’t love it.

How about you?  Do you send cards?

Hope for the Best,




2 Responses to “Christmas Cards? Yes!”

  1. 1 Mary Nelson December 19, 2014 at 2:29 PM

    Trish, I do send Christmas cards–but I am not always on time. Unfortunately, with so many of us, I now depend on Shelley for a great group picture which timing wise doesn’t always connect with writing Christmas cards—a bit of a dilemma. But I love the tradition of keeping in touch with notes.

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