The Old/New Neighbor

Tish's I Phone photos 035She lived across the street when I was growing up in Quincy. Our relationship was quite “neighborly”…we borrowed eggs and coffee-klatched and played with her kids until the street lights came on like all kids in that era did.

One summer they bought a pony, unheard of for our neighborhood! So of course we lined up in the yard to ride around the fence perimeter as long as they would put up with the crowd. I don’t remember what happened to the pony.

She was one of the few moms I knew who worked full-time and one summer she hired me to watch her three kids for a week as her regular sitter was out. I wasn’t that much older than her brood but I was glad for the job. I remember making them tomato soup. She thought $3 a day was sufficient. (I didn’t.)

Christmas Eve they came to our house for socializing before our own dinners began and Christmas morning we stopped by their house after church. Neighborly-like, although like many traditions, my parents never remembered how that started. We have neighbors now we spend time with at Christmas and I know where that came from, back on the block.

Then we moved and lost touch just like we do with most of the neighbors from our youth. I would drive by their house now and then on visits home and remember the pony. I thought the door was closed on renewing that friendship, we can’t stay in touch with everyone from the past.

What a surprise to find that she and my mom are now neighbors once again. Both residing for the time being in a facility in town that specializes in those who have suffered falls.

I sat with her at lunch yesterday as if 40 some years had never passed and spoke of children and grandchildren. Hers and mine. I reminisced about the pony and she laughed and we spoke of the other neighbors on the block who, in my mind, at least still live in those houses unaltered by time. I think I made her day.

One never knows when the past will become the present again. There might be a little bit of agenda yet to be finished.

Hope for the Best,



4 Responses to “The Old/New Neighbor”

  1. 1 linda sylvester January 15, 2015 at 5:11 PM

    Love this!!

  2. 3 judy January 17, 2015 at 1:36 AM

    Love that story Tish! I was home over the holidays for an extended time and found myself wondering what happened to certain neighbors and friends from my childhood days. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to somehow go by their house and have connection with them again today? I guess we sort of do in our heads and our hearts.

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