Six Tips for Crisis Coping

FullSizeRender-1If you have been following my posts (thank you!) you might recall my life got a bit “reorganized” a few weeks ago and my beloved routines were cast aside for higher causes.

My M.O. in any crisis has usually been to quickly start making lists as not only a coping tool but also a very practical means to feel a snippet of control.

So I decided to make a list for “How to Hang On when Life Spins Out” and thought perhaps your life might spin out at some point too and maybe something might be helpful.

Six Tips for Crisis Coping

  1. Choose ONE word to keep coming back to for grounding. My word is TRUST.  I repeat it often and hear it whispered back to me many times.
  2. Re-define work/rest times. Your need for rest is greater in a crisis. Even though it takes me a total of nine hours on the train to visit my mom each week, I generally don’t work on the train as I use the time to fill up. By the time I get there I am ready to fully invest and by the time I get home I can better handle my tightly booked work days.
  3. Don’t trash your exercise program, modify it. What can you do it a new place without your usual equipment? Walk for one!
  4. Engage is something lifegiving each day. Might be light reading, a phone call or a short note to a loved one, a TV episode, a nice meal. The tea room at the hospital was a charming place for me to slip into every afternoon for a short while. Hopefully you know what is life-giving to you.
  5. Eat well (at least most of the time) and keep a few meals in your freezer at home for the days you don’t feel like/have time to cook. Poor nutrition is a quick wipe-out. Let’s just say I’ve had a little personal experience 🙂
  6. Stay in close touch with your support team. A short text along the lines of “pray” or “miss you” or any other update can go a long ways towards avoiding the isolation a crisis sometimes brings. Notes from Facebook friends have been very sustaining too.

I expect to return to more “normal” patterns in the months ahead but  most likely I’ll need these guidelines again in the future. Maybe you will too.

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Six Tips for Crisis Coping”

  1. 1 Sister Carol Grawe January 22, 2015 at 4:27 PM

    Thanks, Tish. I believe many can relate to this. Lots of “wisdom” in these Six Tips for Crisis Coping.

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