Play me a Valentine Song

exploding-hearts-1210286-mI spent hours today looking for Valentine cards. Not for Tom, he is easy, for the grandchildren.

Somehow a few years back we picked up one of those musical cards that blurt a loud tune upon opening. You’ve probably seen them. We lingered and laughed in the card aisle and decided to send it to our 3-year-old granddaughter Six months later, it was still being opened and danced too. Who knew we had started something!

When her brother’s birthday came around, we overheard, “Mimi and Papa ALWAYS give musical cards.” Well this was news to us! We luckily found him a card suitable for his age and every birthday and Valentine’s for the past six years we have showed up with the card that keeps on singing. We started dropping them off instead of mailing them as the postage is higher for these oversize cards. The price seems to have gone up as well over the years as has our number of grandchildren but we can’t stop this train now.

There must be a shortage of “suitable for children” musical cards this year or I am way too late in shopping. The clerk in the Hallmark store chastised me today, “We’ve had these cards since after Christmas and are all out now“… in a tone that indicated I was definitely failing in my duties. I slunk out of the store.

At CVS I found a couple in the midst of all the other more “risqué” shall we say ones.  I dashed all my other plans for the morning and drove to one more store, also bare shelves in the musical Valentine department except for one I wouldn’t buy anyone, ever.

I do wonder, will we always send them musical cards? Maybe. If that becomes part of our grandparent imprint I’m OK with that. Hopefully they will remember all the other words and music of the heart we have been imparting over the years.

So I’m heading out again in the morning to finish the list. Sheesh! Wish me luck.

Hope for the Best,



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