What’s on Your NO List?

NO running for me!

NO running for me!

As I was fidgeting in line at the Post Office this morning checking my watch every 15 seconds, I recalled “NO RUSHING” was my new theme this year. Guess I forgot.

I first ran into the concept of an “Absolute NO List” from another life coach, Cheryl Richardson in her book, The Art of Extreme Self Care, Richardson encouraged the reader to decide what they no longer want to do or tolerate like Gossip, Incessantly checking email, Finishing books that are no longer interesting, Taking phone calls during meals, etc. Note: NOT stuff like NO bad hair days.

I made my list and then lost it but I do remember, NO Rushing was on it.

I also was intrigued by a new title, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,  by Amy Morin. Same concept, just a whole chapter on each of the 13 items such as They Don’t Dwell on the Past, They Don’t Give Away their Power, They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone and ten other excellent chapters. I had to RUSH to finish it as it was a two-week library book but I have some mental exercising to do to stay strong.

I felt like I was hit upside the head when the same notion came up in my treadmill book, Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist in her chapter aptly titled: Things I Don’t Do. Shauna’s list includes Garden, Major Home Improvement Projects and Baking as well as a few other things. Read the book, it is great.

So I’m sort of getting it. Choosing what you’re NOT GONNA DO is a whole new angle on the ideal-life-to-do-list. I will be giving more thought to this but NOT RUSHING to do so.


Hope for the Best,



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