What’s on My NO List

x-sign-in-3d-1135124-mSince Monday’s post on the concept of creating a “No List” What’s On Your NO List? I have been re-formulating my own.  Have you thought about it too?

I decided I need a “Definitely NO” and a “Working on it No” list. Here is what I have so far:


Definitely NO:

  • Complicated recipes or gardening projects for that matter. Complicated projects make me cringe.
  • Finishing books that I’m not interested in. My list of books I AM interested in will take more than my lifetime to read.
  • Jumping into the day without a cup of tea and time in my chair to pray and ponder. This involves about an hour before I need to get out the door.
  • Putting off my photo and family history projects. Super life-giving to me and an investment in the next generation.
  • Allowing someone else’s opinion of me to rank higher than Jesus’.
  • Running for “fun.” I think childhood relay races sealed the deal on that one.

Working on NO:

  • Rushing. I am making great progress on allowing enough time for transitions but don’t have it 100% yet.
  • Over-packing. My last visit to a check in counter required pulling stuff out of my suitcase to avoid extra charges.  I’m traveling more and need to remember no one needs three pairs of jeans for a long weekend.
  • Eating sugar other than holidays or vacations. I can do this for a while but not long enough.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. On my work-at-home days I can forget to get up and move every hour.  The The Dance Party is helping but I can’t put this on the definite list yet.
  • Bringing “new” stuff in to my home without getting rid of “old stuff.” Garage sale season will be here soon so I need to get tough on this one. Remind me.
  • Allowing the “always-negative” world view of some to bring me down.

Would love to see your list!

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “What’s on My NO List”

  1. 1 Tara March 19, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    I love thinking about it this way! A few items come to mind for my NO list:
    1. Cleaning my house all by myself. I need hired help.
    2. Team sports. Ugh. Hand-eye coordination is lacking.
    3. Cooking a large meal by myself for a group of people.

    I will think of more I am sure!

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