Shopping for Envy

shopping-1402492-mMost of the time I am satisfied with my stuff. I am old enough not to care so much about with is “IN” but what I like. I also generally prefer to stop first at resale shops or garage sales to supplement what I might need or want. My inner shop-girl doesn’t pop out much and I’m content.

Until I need something from the mall. I have found there are a handful of items that require buying new and the quickest  place to find them is at the local shopper’s paradise, the Mall.

I made a trip last week and realized that two minutes is about all it takes for me for me to begin questioning my tastes, my wardrobe, my kitchen and most of my accessories. Stuff I never knew I needed starts shouting, “Buy me, buy me!” I wonder how I have made it through the year without that lovely bracelet on my arm, the mauve top in my closet, the latest kitchen convenience on my counter.

Surely my makeup needs replacing and isn’t it about time for a new fragrance? The purses flaunt in my face and how can I keep stepping out the door without those cute shoes?

I grabbed my purchase and practically ran out of there. Envy was wrapping around my neck and I needed to breathe.

Very likely, this is just me. No judgement for you if you like malls or shopping or never pull over for a garage sale. I do love finding little shops when I’m traveling and bookstores pull me in all the time. There is just something about the mall that can push me into a plummet.

I’m back to liking my stuff again, satisfied with my choices, content. Maybe I’ll just order my new stuff online next time.


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