The Baby on the Wall

1592,724 miles away on a green wall in a pink house hang a collection of photos of my beautiful granddaughter. I am not the only grandmother she has.

30 some years ago when I was in the throes of the period of time I affectionately call “the blur years,” I got the crazy notion to adopt a baby girl from Colombia. I think I read about some of the goings on in that part of the world at the time and began to fantasize about what part I could play.

That’s as far as that got, my fantasy. In fact, my husband does not remember this conversation at all. He does call me “The Queen of Great Ideas” though!

We had our own baby girls to add to our growing family of baby boys, Colombia settled down and I forgot about the fantasy.

One of those baby girls grew up and met the man of her dreams who was from guess where, Colombia!

Wedding Day!

Last year their darling girl was born and since her Dad is a dual citizen, my granddaughter is as well, complete with two passports. Yeah, I think that’s pretty cool too!

In April, we traveled to South America and the impact of having a Colombian granddaughter, hit me deeply when we walked into the colorfully painted home of my son-in-law’s  grandparents. On the bright green wall were proudly displayed photos of my sweet girl.  The same photos that grace our home and albums.  These same photos decorate my mom’s home, her other great-grandma. The vastness/smallness of the world took me aback.


The Colombian Family

The Colombian Family

This baby shows up on quite a few walls, loved, cherished, and prayed for on different continents. Already her world is much bigger than mine and she understands more Spanish than I ever will.

Love you my darling nieta, happy to know that love for you goes ‘round the world!

Two Abuelitas and a Baby!

Hope for the best,




2 Responses to “The Baby on the Wall”

  1. 1 Abby May 13, 2015 at 9:49 AM

    I love this post – it’s sweetness really touches my heart. It’s amazing how the dreams we put out into the world come back to us in the most unexpected ways.

  2. 2 Letitia Suk May 13, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    Amazing indeed. Thanks, Abby!

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