An “Inconvenient” Perspective

ambulance-1334532-mThe pager went off at what felt like the worst possible time: 01:38 AM. The few hours of sleep already stored weren’t enough and most of the next morning might be lost in recovery. I tried to get my voice to sound “normal” and then called back.

Someone was dying and the family asked for me to come. Not me by name, me in the role I was in that night. I promised to arrive in 30 minutes. My clothes were already laid out and I hadn’t washed my face in case something like this occurred, no time to re-do makeup in the middle of the night. Like who really cared anyway in these moments.

Not much traffic and I skidded through a couple of reds. One time a cop saw me do that and actually gave me a police escort right to the ER. “Just follow me, Reverend.” I’m technically not a Reverend.

I walked in the room and did my job. I prayed, read a Psalm, hugged, and tried to come up with words of comfort. There are few.

Drove home, laid awake for ages, finally got back to sleep and lost some of the morning. Just like I thought it would go.

But that’s it, inconvenienced. I wasn’t the dying one or the family or the medical team for that matter. My life pretty much picked up where it left off.

I was given a gift of Perspective that night.

I thought of the times of my travel delays because of an accident on the highway. Who was more affected, me or the person in the ambulance?

Or my sometimes frustration because some in front of me is not moving “fast enough?” Whatever is causing the slower pace is likely far more troublesome than my impatience.

On this holiday weekend there might be a few opportunities to practice the perspective of being “inconvenienced.” The weather might be hot or rainy, you will experience lots of traffic or too many crowds. Your grill might run out of gas or you will forget to buy ice. Whatever might push your button, let it go. You and your loved ones will be around to tell about it Monday.

Hope you have a fabulous celebration!

Hope for the best,



4 Responses to “An “Inconvenient” Perspective”

  1. 1 linda sylvester July 3, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Wise words!! Happy 4th of july! Linda

  2. 3 Ann July 3, 2015 at 7:57 AM

    Thanks Tish. This is a good reminder that I need to think about the bigger picture and not just what I want (and usually want urgently). Happy 4th celebrations.

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