Biker Girl


Don’t worry, he has a helmet!

No one would ever describe me as “athletic” but I seem to have quite a history of riding a bike.

While Woodstock and Moon Landings filled the news, I spent the summer of my 19th year in the Boston area working at a Boys/Girls of America Camp. I quickly got myself in charge of the biking program so I wouldn’t have to do any running. A few times each week I took a group of kids who had never been out of the city on jaunts around the countryside. I loved to stop at cemeteries to read the centuries-old epitaphs. New England is very proud of how old it is.

When Tom and I were falling in love in college, he had a yellow Schwinn he rode around campus so I bought a yellow Schwinn too (girl’s version of course!) and we locked them up together outside of Morgan Hall at WIU where we had a class at the same time. He replaced his around the time mine was stolen.

Fast forward many decades of bike riding to today when we took two of our grandchildren over to the Green Bay Trail. It wasn’t lost on me that the young college bike romance had morphed into  pedaling with the third generation. Funny how I still feel like that 21-year-old sometimes.


Green Bay Trail

While we rode the gentle trail today, my brother and his five kids as well as my son Gabe are pedaling across Iowa all week in the annual RAGBRAI which draws thousands of riders each summer. Mark and the kids are dedicating the ride to his wife, Karen, who died of cancer in January and are raising money for local food pantries. Biking for Food.

I plan to keep riding but mostly around town or local trails. It’s hard to check your phone or even carry on much of a conversation so it works well for me to stay in the moment.

Watch out for me in another 20 years or so, I might not hear you coming!

Biking in the 60's

A long time ago!


Do you ride a bike?

Hope for the best,



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