Monday Outings


Mimi in the Lake

I walked into Lake Michigan today for the first time this summer. I already decided I didn’t want the label of a  sits-on-the-sidelines-grandmother so in I went. A decision in advance solves a lot of dilemmas!

Last Monday I took a pass on the slide at Maggie Daley Park but the week before I got wet all over at Whelan Pool in Chicago. Ten miles logged on my bike the previous week and two rounds of mini-golf marked the first Monday.



For the past six summers we’ve invited our three oldest grandchildren out on Monday mornings from the Monday after 4th of July to mid-August. Tom starts his work later  on Mondays and I can keep my schedule open so it is a perfect slot to make some memories with them. We have as much fun as they do!

Without the plan, summer would end with laments about fun things we “might have” done but instead we actually do them. Sometimes memories need scheduling before they occur.

The window is short for this season and we will be sad, but not offended, when they get better offers for their summer Monday mornings. Our oldest has already outgrown Wagner Farm and splashing around the pools at Millennium Park so we’re saving those outings for the next batch of grandchildren.


Three Kids in a Barrel at Maggie Daley Park

The conversations in the car are pretty amazing too although today it was all about the Cubs and all matter of baseball stats.

One more Monday outing to go and then I’ll put the best of the photos in a book and present it to the youngest of the three at Christmas.


Digging a BIG hole in the sand.

Who are you making memories with this summer?

Uncle Gabe joined us for one outing in 2010.

Uncle Gabe joined us for one outing in 2010.

Hope for the best,



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