One Step After Another

photo-32Zumba, yoga, tai chi, DVDs at home… tried them all. You too? Once again, I pulled out all the current local class schedules and my calendar and like Cinderella’s step sisters, could never squeeze my foot into that glass gym shoe. Maybe I didn’t really want to but somehow thought I should. So I slipped on my FitBit and took another walk. Actually my favorite form of exercise.

If I kept walking memoirs, there would be some gaps in the story. Years ago, I remember being enthralled by Peter Jenkins’ story of walking across America A Walk Across America (BTW I’m not doing that) but I wanted to be the kind of girl who might. The Appalachian Trail invited me too and I RSVP’d about a half-dozen times but never overnight. Twice Blessed by the Appalachian Trail Still on the bucket list.

In the early years, Tom and I walked all over our honeymoon neighborhood tracking distance and timing just for fun. Once we left that apartment, we never quite got back into it.

In between kids I would create a new walking program then shortly resumed walking only when I was holding a little hand. To jump-start the second half of my life, I decided to do the (then) Avon 3 Day Walk for breast cancer for my 50th birthday. A couple of years later, my girlfriend and I trekked around Lake Geneva (26 miles) for a day. I literally was carried in from the car at the end of the day. Forgot to stretch along the path 😦

A knee replacement and broken toe kept me on the DL for a long time but I’m back again for another round of “I’m a Walker” and tossed all the class fitness schedules out. I admit I’m also motivated by reading another book about longevity which highly promotes “moving naturally.”The Blue Zones Solution

Of course, it is easy to walk in the Chicago autumn before the snow buries the paths. We’ll see how die-hard I really am in a few months!

Over the course of a longish life, many thing start and stop but the true parts of us start again. I’m looking at the practice of walking now like that.  I hope it sticks forever, even if I need a little assistance. There will always be another season to walk into.

Where are you walking these days?

Hope for the best,


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4 Responses to “One Step After Another”

  1. 1 Patricia Cooksey Dietz September 14, 2015 at 6:02 PM

    Tish, excellent! Where did you get your amazing shoes?

  2. 3 Mary September 14, 2015 at 7:22 PM

    So glad you asked. On the first day of school up here in Tomahawk, Ross and I committed again to walking in our neighborhood. I wrestle with going to our local school in the early morning but it seems so silly—we drive 7 minutes in the freezing cold—walk inside—-go back out to a freezing cold vehicle for 7 minutes of torture.

    What seems more pleasant is to invest in the necessary equipment to enjoy my own neighborhood. Good shoes, a walking jacket for the very cold winters up here. face mask, good good gloves and my light that warns people that we are walking. We also invested in two walking poles from rei—they keep us safe on several levels.

    My hope is like you—may it be my lifelong hobby for fitness.
    Have an enjoyable fall.

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