Thanks for NOT Answering my Prayer

do-not-enter-1243682I drove by the house we so desperately asked God to give us many years ago and uttered a quick prayer of thanks that He said NO. A YES would have resulted in different neighbors, school district and a whole new set of friends for the kids. Of course, that wasn’t the prayer on my lips then.

What if the job door I begged to open had flung wide instead of sealing shut? My day-to-day would have swallowed me up as I can see now how ill-suited I was for that position. Couldn’t see that then but He could. I love what I do and it was worth waiting for.

Looking way back over my shoulder, what if that long ago boy had called back and we started a relationship like I hoped at the time? Would I be with Tom now? I shudder to think of no. If I got a fat letter rather than a thin one for the college I prayed to get into? Which state would I live in and with who?

Cars, promotions, provision, even health all received a resounding NO at times. I tried so hard to twist God’s arm to avoid my one and only surgery but am so much stronger on many levels for going through with it.

Sometimes it feels like my life is just as shaped by unanswered prayers as the answered ones. I need to trust both.

Don’t worry, I’m still a big promoter of “Ask, Seek, Knock” and will continue to storm the gates with my long lists. After all, He invites us to do that. I didn’t say YES to everything my kids asked for either and though the protests were loud, I think I chose the better answer.

Hope for the best,



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  1. 1 linda sylvester October 15, 2015 at 7:02 PM


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