Heirloom Scissors

Curious, but my both of my grandmothers left me a pair of scissors. I’m thinking about them this month because I see their pictures every day on my piano in honor of their November birthdays. BTW, no one plays our piano but it displays a monthly rotating set of photos to remember people and events in our family.

Olive Circa 1916

Olive Circa 1916

Olive Schwartz was my Mother’s mother. She and my grandpa lived on a farm about thirty minutes from my home where I spent much of my childhood. I remember she rarely sat down as there was always another meal to prepare for her large family and the ever-present farm hands. Somewhere along the way she acquired these delicate folding scissors which I now always carry in my purse. It was her rosary that I wrote about in Praying My Gramma’s Rosary


Opal Circa 1907

Opal Arlington Wiewel was my Dad’s mom. She lived in our same town and I probably saw her most days of my life until she died when I was eleven. You Left me Too Soon, Grandma Grandma quilted, an aspiration I have yet to fulfill, but probably to encourage me, she gave me a pair of nice scissors when I was about nine. Remarkably, I have managed to hang on to them all these years and use them regularly.

Scissors. How simple. I was the oldest grandchild for both of these noble women so no doubt I received many gifts along the way for my birthday and Christmas and other occasions but the scissors stand out. I like knowing I’m touching what they touched.

The scissors outlasted the current fashions of the day, the trendy toys I HAD to have for Christmas and the fragile paper dolls that were my constant companions. I never would have guessed I would still be grabbing for them today.

I’m wondering which of the many gifts to my beloved grands will still be around and used in a half-century from now. I hope the scissors are still in use.


Hope for the best,



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