Winter, I’m Finally Here!


My annual day of being cold, cutting the tree.

I give up. Last Saturday’s snow storm started it. As my 42nd Chicago winter is upon us, I’ve decided at last to just embrace it instead of just counting down the days to summer.

Problem is, I’m not sure what that will require. Good boots for one and warmer than drugstore gloves. I’ve managed to avoid investing in quality “outerwear” for many seasons. Why spend on something I oppose? Better to save for the summer vacation. My husband reminded of a friend’s comments, “It’s not bad weather but bad clothing that keeps us uncomfortable.” Time to go shopping for layers. What else do I need?

Maybe it was also reading about that unique Danish word, “Hygge” that no one seems able to pronounce or properly interpret that tipped the scales for me into non-resistance.  Something about being “cozy” and “comfortable.” Meaning of “Hygge” I already have the candles, thank you, and lots of teapots. The stack of books is growing.

Mostly, truth be told, I’m realizing that in this season of my life, I don’t want to miss a thing. I’m done with “wishing away” any bit of time instead of embracing the glorious opportunity to enjoy the moments of each lavish day, whatever it brings.

In my line of work as a chaplain, I see plenty of dear ones who would gladly grab another day of any sort of weather or temperature just to hold on a little longer. I’m embarrassed by all my, “It’s too cold” complaints.

I will always love summer the best and probably keep the countdown going but look for me outside this year in my new gear, as soon as I buy it.

Skal Winter! Let me introduce myself.

Any winter tips welcome!

Hope for the best,


PS Don’t forget to write in your Thanksgiving Journal


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